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Benedettiville Live was SO FUN!!!
Benedettiville Live was SO FUN!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen –

We had a ball!!!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the Mystic for our first ever big-stage-show-production of Benedettiville Live.

Huge thanks and hugs and high fives to our family and friends that came through and helped make everything happen in the wonderful and spectacular way that it did.

Massive thanks to the Pet-a-llama Comedy Festival for putting everything together and putting us on a big ‘ol stage.

We can’t wait to see you all again and bring the show to you!

With thanks and Dragons,


Gio, Jen, Stella & Emmy

August 1st!  Happy Podcast Day
August 1st! Happy Podcast Day

Hail folks.

It’s Wednesday which means (most weeks… when I’m not late) that it’s Podcast Day!  It’s our 27th episode down at the Radio Station!

It’s been 27 amazing weeks of stories, figuring out what in the world we’re doing, kid wrangling, and puppet shenanigans.  It’s been awesome.

Enjoy the new episode (it’s got lots of great live in-studio fun with Stella, our neighbor Maya and the puppets… and sometimes me), and….

See you at The Mystic on August 18th!

Mystic Theater Show AUGUST 18!
Mystic Theater Show AUGUST 18!

Ladies and Gentlemen –

We are very proud, excited, nervous? and SUPER STOKED to announce that we, Benedettiville, will be a part of this year’s first ever Pet-a-Llama Comedy Festival here in our dear and beloved Petaluma.

Saturday, August 18th, at high noon, we’ll be over at the Mystic romping around with a crazy, interactive, wild and shenanigan-filled hi-jinks-a-fied show.  It will be darn good times.

Tell your friends, bring the family, bring the neighbors, and let’s party.
Tickets are available right here:


Dragons – Drawn by You!!
Dragons – Drawn by You!!

Check it out, folks!  Coop (age 6) and the mysterious Dragon-Taco artist/mathematician sent us mail!

We love mail!  Check out the awesome mail we got!

Thanks Coop!  Thanks mystery artist!  Click on ’em to check ’em ouuuuuut!

Summer Art Camps with Benedettiville!
Summer Art Camps with Benedettiville!

Hail Folks!

This summer (well, actually starting this very May 12…) we here at Benedettiville will be leading some Imagination and Creativity Fueling Art Camps at the Petaluma Arts Center!

The full schedule of classes – and the place to pay and sign up – is on their website. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT.

On May 12th we’ll be taking 12 1st-3rd graders through the process of writing and producing an original Radio Play.   It will be a great time, and we’ll air the story on our weekly radio show and podcast.

Sign up at the link above, and check out the other classes we’re offering this summer:

Story Planting (how to take small ideas and grow great stories)

Make Your Own Radio Show (how to put together a magazine-style radio show)

Zine Making (making old-school, black and white, print-em-ourselves zines!)

All the details are on the Arts Center website.

Check ’em out, and see you soon.

Podcasts and Radios
Podcasts and Radios

Hail Folks!

We’re 9 weeks into our radio adventures, and they’re all up on the podcast as well.  It’s been pretty incredible.  Busy as all get-out, but incredible.

Hope you’ve been enjoying the shows, and feel free to drop in with your ideas and thoughts and mysterious mysteries!

The podcast, as ever, can be found wherever you like to find podcasts…  or right here:



Our Radio Show will be Archived on our Podcast
Our Radio Show will be Archived on our Podcast

Hey folks –

If, sadly, you were unable to tune in to hear our radio show live… or you have, mistakenly, been scheduling things on Sunday afternoons at any time in the future… we will be archiving all our radio shows to our podcast!

You can sit back and relax, and tune in at your convenience.

The podcast can be found through stitcher, iTunes, or soundcloud.  Hope one of those works for you.  Enjoy, and – as always – feel free to share ideas and stories with us here:  [email protected]

And – if you prefer – you can listen to it right here right now:


Folks, we are very proud to announce our brand new Radio show.
We’ll be bringing you a full hour of our antics and shenanigans.  Radio dramas, stories, songs, kids…  all the things we enjoy and hope you do too.

Tune in!  It will start on Sunday February 4th, 3pm – 4pm.

We’re airing on Petaluma’s Public Access Station:  KPCA, 103.3fm.  You can also stream it here if you’re from far off lands!

It will run every Sunday 3-4pm after that, so start clearing those afternoons.

We’re digging deep into our local, Petaluma, Sonoma County world and we’d love your input, ideas and feedback!  Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]

See you on the airwaves, and thanks so much for the support!