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The new CDs are here!  The new CDs are here!
The new CDs are here! The new CDs are here!

Ladies and gentlemen, our new CDs are finally here!

They look and sound amazing thanks to a very stellar team of skilled friends.  My brothers, Tony and Ian, were in the studio and recorded drums and guitar (respectively), Matt Wright engineered and mixed, and Jeffrey Norman mastered it.  We have guest appearances by our Copperfield’s kiddo friends, and a sweet piano track laid down by Jesse Lemme Adams.  Stella myself and Amelia Lorenz supplied the art, and we have ourselves a fine and dandy little CD.

We’ll be selling them around Petaluma – they’re available now at Copperfield’s! –  as well as online.  Great for your summer vacation road trip!

Also, you can stream it from our soundcloud page!

Also also, if you’re into having CDs to have and to hold (and you heard that there was a great step-by-step, how-t0-draw a Dragon panel in the CD ITSELF!), we can mail you one!  Our online store won’t be up for a few weeks yet, but we can do it the old fashioned way.  Just drop us a line at:  [email protected] and we’ll get it all figured out.

In the meantime – here it is in streaming form:

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Happy Holidays – here’s a new podcast!
Happy Holidays – here’s a new podcast!

Hail hail!

Hope you all are warm and snug, and enjoying the wintery holiday season. We are over here in Benedettiville.
We’re still hard at work getting our first ever CD ready to bring to the market square, and we’re still futzing with our first ever picture book.

We’ve been posting fun pictures on instagram also – you can see them on our page here – on the new instagram feed – or you can just follow us on instagram! @benedettiville

Lots of love and adventures to all of you and yours.
We’ll see you in two weeks for a new podcast.


Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

A new podcast is up!

You can now enjoy the spooky stories that Emmaline has been telling me for the last few weeks as we’ve been getting ready for Halloween.  She is almost 3 years old, and her version of a spooky story is rather delightful.

Also, we preview the (still un-mastered) full-band, rocking version of our Theme song on the podcast this episode.  Hope you like it!

Enjoy, and have a great Halloween.


We’re working hard, honest!
We’re working hard, honest!

Good people, it’s been over a month since I last posted, and I apologize for that.  As you can see from the slide above, we’ve been hard at work, but it hasn’t made the website headlines.

Our picture book, Draw A Dragon, is slowly coming to life, thanks to the talents and efforts of the amazing Amelia Lorenz.  She is a wonderful artist and person – just look here at her tumblr page!  I just went to it to grab a link, and her cozy ways and personable style drew me in.  I’m finally back!  I can finally link… here!

That is Big Project Number One – we started at the beginning of this year.

Big Project Number Two is our CD!  We’re finally done with the mixing, and the mastering will begin.  I’m waaaay behind on getting the artwork and layout done, so we don’t have a good idea of a release date.  I was hoping for a November CD release party, but those hopes are fading like the sunny warmth of summer.

We’ll shout from the rooftops when it’s all ready to go.  Promise.

We’re looking to get into the schools this winter, so look for us in your kids Kindergarten or First Grade classroom!

Take care all, and Happy Halloween,


New Podcast & Back to School Update
New Podcast & Back to School Update

Hail Folks!

Theres a grand new Podcast episode up. It’s a far cry from Princess Harmony. Having much more to do with songs, hippos and runs to the grocery store. We hope you enjoy!

We’re reeling in on the performances out and about for a bit as we try and find our best gateway into the schools. We’d love to pop by and perform at your (or your kids’) school! Send an email if you’d like us to come to your school and we’ll get right on it!

We’re working very very hard on our homemade projects here – a picture book and a full-length album. These things started waaaaay back in March. Can you believe it? Some things just take a long time, I suppose. But they’ll be worth the wait, just believe you me!

We’ll keep you posted as things go about any more performances coming up. In the meantime – enjoy the podcast, and give a holler if you have anything you’d like to hear us do / hear us not do! Places to play? Songs to sing? Drop a line!

[email protected]

And here’s that podcast:

Princess Harmony & The Quest for Music – Part 8:  The Conclusion
Princess Harmony & The Quest for Music – Part 8: The Conclusion

Good and gracious people, we have reached the end of the epic saga of Princess Harmony and the Quest for Music.

What began as the jottings of a story idea on my notebook on a plane to.. West Virginia? Pennsylvania? I don’t even remember now… grew and transformed until it became an 8 part epic.

I had so much fun writing and telling the story, and watching the story and music and sounds take on a life of their own. I hope you all enjoyed the adventure as much as I did, and I hope you got to do some singing. The whole point was to find a way for music to sneak it’s way into our family – for Do Re and Mi to become things we could toss around at home… and it worked. Huzzah!

We’ll be taking it much easier on the podcast in coming weeks and months – shorter stories, and more songs!

Speaking of songs… our full-length CD is being mixed as I type. Look for a new Benedettiville CD available this fall or winter. Woo woo! A dozen tracks of musical rocking and imagination fuel.

I’ll miss Princess Harmony and her wonderful, magical, musical land. We’ll certainly be meeting up with Harmony and her friends again in the future. Until then, enjoy the podcasts, enjoy listening from the beginning (there’s a great playlist on our Soundcloud page where you can listen to them all in order!), and we’ll see you soon.

Take care.


Hail good folk!

If you, like me, are eager to hear the thrilling and long-awaited conclusion to Princess Harmony & The Quest for Music, then you probably don’t want to hear about how we’re on an amazing trip to Alaska* and, thus, will be delaying our podcast episode 8 for a week.

(*The Brothers Comatose are playing Salmonfest up here in Ninilchik, Alaska, and so we’ve brought everyone along for the adventure to the frontier lands!)

I’m sorry! The touring life and the podcast life can really butt heads sometimes.

We’ll be back in touch soon, and the amazing story will finally come to its glorious conclusion!

Talk to you soon!

=Gio & Family