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Princess Harmony & The Quest for Music: Part 1
Princess Harmony & The Quest for Music: Part 1

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys & Girls!
We have a new Podcast.

The story will take you to the Kingdom of Silence, where music has not existed for years and years.

Can Princess Harmony bring it back, using her mysterious map?

This is part 1 of… maybe 3? Please enjoy, and so sorry for the delay!

Lots of stories, music and love,

Gio & Jen & Benedettiville

This week’s podcast & Studio Album!
This week’s podcast & Studio Album!

Hail hail!

The new podcast (first Tuesday!) is on time and online.
Enjoy below!
(You can also subscribe to it on iTunes – this recently got us through a few hours of a nice long car ride. Success!!.)

We have begun our studio work for our first album, and we are working hard on bringing you a book as well!

Things proceed apace – we’ll start sharing some bits and pieces as the days and weeks go on.

We’ll be back in Petaluma with a live show – right now we’re looking at early-mid May. That may be the first time the tour schedule allows it. Stay tuned!

Podcast & Schedule News

Hey there folks!

Soundcloud has the new podcast – which you can enjoy right here:

In other news, we have discontinued the bi-monthly schedule at Copperfield’s.  My tour schedule is so hairy in the coming months that we wouldn’t have been able to make it work.  Instead, we’ll be finding more scattered times to make our songs and stories known, and maybe look for some other venues to scatter our little joy-machine around at.

There is a full album in the works, a story book, and we’ll keep on keepin’ on with the podcasts.  Thanks so much for all of the support and good times over the last year!  Here’s to another year of good and great things!

New (Old) Podcast

Hey there folks!

It’s March 1st, and thus the 1st Tuesday of the Month, and thus the day for a new Benedettiville Podcast!


I’m out on tour right now (currently in Idaho) and I did not have the means or Stella storytelling time to get a new Podcast for everyone today.


I have gone back into the 2013 Benedettiville archives and posted our (not too currently seasonal) Christmas-time storytelling bit for you all today.

Hope you enjoy (it is still one of my favorites, and it is so sweet to hear 3 year old Stella’s voice (now that she’s all grown up and 5 these days).

We’ll get you a new podcast in 2 weeks, and remember – NO BENEDETTIVILLE at Copperfield’s on March 8th, as I’ll still be away on tour.

Thanks all, and see you soon!

An Epic Adventure
An Epic Adventure

Well, it’s the first Tuesday of the month, and we have a new podcast for you! It’s a swarthy tale of adventure featuring The Magic Knights – the alter egos of Stella and Gio. Enjoy, and subscribe to the podcast if you like! We’ll post on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays.

The Three Little Pigs
The Three Little Pigs

A new story has been told! … or, rather, an old story has been told again. In a rather more silly way. Please enjoy!

We’ll try and post a podcast / story / song here on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month.


Benedettiville in the New Year!
Benedettiville in the New Year!

Hi folks!

Happy 2016.
Benedettiville is ready to get our shows back and rolling next week – but there’s a schedule change. We’ll be at Copperfield’s at 10:30am on Thursday Jan 14 (not tuesday!).

After that brief diversion, we’ll be back to our usual 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at the bookstore at 10:30am.
Having said that, this year is an album release year for The Brothers Comatose (for who I play bass) and there will be a bunch of touring. We’ll try to keep the schedule as consistent as possible – but please be ready for some change-ups!

The puppet theater is complete, the arsenal of puppets is ever expanding, and we are really having a good time with it all. Can’t wait to introduce you to some of our new little buddies.

See you on Thursday!