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Dec. 8 Benedettiville is cancelled!
Dec. 8 Benedettiville is cancelled!

Hey Benedettiville folk –

We had to cancel our Dec. 8 show at Copperfield’s. We’ve got a sick Benedettivillian here, and we’ll be nursing her back to health. We’ll try and reschedule, and we’ll let you know if we can make that happen.

We’ll miss you! Have a lovely Tuesday.


Gio & Jen

The Holidays!
The Holidays!

Hail folks!

The new show schedules are posted through the 2015 calendar year. We should be able to make our 2nd and 4th Tuesday schedule, Holidays notwithstanding. If the schedule gets shaken up, we’ll keep you posted right here! Thanks for checking in, and thanks for coming to the shows! See you at Copperfield’s.

Back Home, back to Copperfield’s
Back Home, back to Copperfield’s

Hey all.

The July tour was long and crazy, but we made it back!
We’re returning to our Copperfield’s (Petaluma) schedule of the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 10:30am starting this month.

There is still one more story from the tour that I have to post. It should go up next week.

In the meantime, I’ll try and keep things coming semi-regularly. The band is back to Seattle this weekend, and then we’re throwing a festival next weekend. The music never stops!

Take care all, and see you on the 11th!

Papa on Tour… just for the weekend
Papa on Tour… just for the weekend

Leaving the family is always rough on everyone, and – 4 years later – we are still working on finding ways to make it better.
We try and get some FaceTime in, and there’s always a good old fashioned phone call, but it helps to have some extra snazzy things for the kids to look forward to, and for me to have a way to keep some of my Papa-at-home traditions intact while I’m away.

A few years ago I started making little stories and drawings while I was gone. It’s not so easy to find the time to get it all to happen, but it is worth it for the kids to have a little Papa-style bedtime story at the end of the day, to be able to tell some stories from the road, and to remind them (Jenny included) that I’m thinking about them.

This past weekend was a quick 2-day fly out, fly back tour to Kentucky. The travel was brutal and the sleep was in short supply. The plus side was that there were plenty of hours on airplanes or backstage before set time to hammer out a few stories.

I’ve shared the stories here for your enjoyment! There’s a longer tour in July, so expect to see some more posts then.

Remember all ye Copperfield’s goers – there will be no Benedettiville this July due to the band tour schedule! We’re back in August!

Heroes & Hat Parties
Heroes & Hat Parties

Hail hail Benedettiville goers.

We had a fairly rousing Hat Party today down at Copperfield’s.  These themes have been good times.  2 times ago it was Heroes, last time it was a Box Party.  They help us get into groovy, new books that they have stashed around the place, and it gives us some special fuel for our songs/stories/art escapades.

To that end, we’re starting to populate the Stories & Songs page on the site with some of the material we come up with from our little shows.  We’ll post ’em up over there for your leisurely perusal.  Our hope is that if your kids have maxed out your patience, your go-to kid entertainers/engagers, and all your best tricks and tools, you can call up a favorite story or game or song on our page and peace will reign in your home whilst the wee ones are immersed in creative, imagination-spurring good times.

In related news…. we just put a new Donation page on the site!  If you’re enjoying the Benedettiville shows and the site, please do consider supporting the noble cause!

Thanks, and hope to see you soon,


Thanks Argus Courier!
Thanks Argus Courier!

Thanks to our local Argus Courier for mentioning our Benedettiville adventures in the paper today!

We wanted to make sure you all knew that we meet at Copperfield’s here in good ol Pet-to-the-Luma every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 10:30am!

Hope to see you on May 12th and all around town!!

Yeeeee Haaaawww
Yeeeee Haaaawww

The first ever Benedettiville… experience? happening?  meeting?  … at Copperfield’s in Petaluma went down on this past Tuesday at 10:30am.

We had ourselves a ball.

Songs were sung, instruments were played, stories were told, and it was good, good times.

Thanks to all you big and little people who came out.  We’ll be back on the 4th Tuesday (March 24) at 10:30am again.

Feel free to send ideas, hopes, dreams and thoughts for Benedettiville, and we’ll build it all together.

See you soon!

Stories & Songs in Petaluma
Stories & Songs in Petaluma

We, the proud citizens of Benedettiville, are pleased to announce that we will be bringing our roving band of song-singing and story-telling to the good folk of Petaluma.

We will be at Copperfield’s Books in Petaluma on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays, beginning in March.

We’re going for a 10:30am – 11am time block for now, but we’d like to try out an afternoon time as well.  Check out the upcoming appearances in the column to the right on this fine site, and keep up-to-date on all of our times and dates and such.

Also, beginning in May, we’ll bring the entire community of Benedettiville to the David Yearsley River Heritage Center on the First Sunday of the month and revel and sing, and be generally silly and loud for a good hour or so.  We’ll start that on May 3rd.

Looking forward to seeing you and your offspring at some of these affairs!