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Stories & Songs in Petaluma
Stories & Songs in Petaluma

We, the proud citizens of Benedettiville, are pleased to announce that we will be bringing our roving band of song-singing and story-telling to the good folk of Petaluma.

We will be at Copperfield’s Books in Petaluma on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays, beginning in March.

We’re going for a 10:30am – 11am time block for now, but we’d like to try out an afternoon time as well.  Check out the upcoming appearances in the column to the right on this fine site, and keep up-to-date on all of our times and dates and such.

Also, beginning in May, we’ll bring the entire community of Benedettiville to the David Yearsley River Heritage Center on the First Sunday of the month and revel and sing, and be generally silly and loud for a good hour or so.  We’ll start that on May 3rd.

Looking forward to seeing you and your offspring at some of these affairs!