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Dragons – Drawn by You!!
Dragons – Drawn by You!!

Check it out, folks!  Coop (age 6) and the mysterious Dragon-Taco artist/mathematician sent us mail!

We love mail!  Check out the awesome mail we got!

Thanks Coop!  Thanks mystery artist!  Click on ’em to check ’em ouuuuuut!

We’re working hard, honest!
We’re working hard, honest!

Good people, it’s been over a month since I last posted, and I apologize for that.  As you can see from the slide above, we’ve been hard at work, but it hasn’t made the website headlines.

Our picture book, Draw A Dragon, is slowly coming to life, thanks to the talents and efforts of the amazing Amelia Lorenz.  She is a wonderful artist and person – just look here at her tumblr page!  I just went to it to grab a link, and her cozy ways and personable style drew me in.  I’m finally back!  I can finally link… here!

That is Big Project Number One – we started at the beginning of this year.

Big Project Number Two is our CD!  We’re finally done with the mixing, and the mastering will begin.  I’m waaaay behind on getting the artwork and layout done, so we don’t have a good idea of a release date.  I was hoping for a November CD release party, but those hopes are fading like the sunny warmth of summer.

We’ll shout from the rooftops when it’s all ready to go.  Promise.

We’re looking to get into the schools this winter, so look for us in your kids Kindergarten or First Grade classroom!

Take care all, and Happy Halloween,