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Princess Harmony & The Quest for Music – Part 8:  The Conclusion
Princess Harmony & The Quest for Music – Part 8: The Conclusion

Good and gracious people, we have reached the end of the epic saga of Princess Harmony and the Quest for Music.

What began as the jottings of a story idea on my notebook on a plane to.. West Virginia? Pennsylvania? I don’t even remember now… grew and transformed until it became an 8 part epic.

I had so much fun writing and telling the story, and watching the story and music and sounds take on a life of their own. I hope you all enjoyed the adventure as much as I did, and I hope you got to do some singing. The whole point was to find a way for music to sneak it’s way into our family – for Do Re and Mi to become things we could toss around at home… and it worked. Huzzah!

We’ll be taking it much easier on the podcast in coming weeks and months – shorter stories, and more songs!

Speaking of songs… our full-length CD is being mixed as I type. Look for a new Benedettiville CD available this fall or winter. Woo woo! A dozen tracks of musical rocking and imagination fuel.

I’ll miss Princess Harmony and her wonderful, magical, musical land. We’ll certainly be meeting up with Harmony and her friends again in the future. Until then, enjoy the podcasts, enjoy listening from the beginning (there’s a great playlist on our Soundcloud page where you can listen to them all in order!), and we’ll see you soon.

Take care.

Princess Harmony & The Quest for Music – Part 3
Princess Harmony & The Quest for Music – Part 3

Hey hey hey!

We’re back. And by ‘we’ I mean, of course, Princess Harmony, Ruxipold the Do-Song Bird, the creatures of the Old Forest, and all other associated characters.

We have Part 3 of our epic story for you now, and Part 4 is getting warm in the oven. We hope you enjoy, and we very much hope that you are singing along and exercising your mystical, magical, musical powers.

The full-length album is proceeding apace, by the way. We should have a glorious batch of material all polished and ready for you by fall! Woo hoo!

In the meantime, we’ll be at the Winnepeg Folk Festival in Winnepeg, Canada. Plenty of adventures to have in the upcoming days and weeks and months, to be sure.

Enjoy the story folks, and we’ll see you in Winnepeg!

Princess Harmony & The Quest for Music: Part 2
Princess Harmony & The Quest for Music: Part 2

Hail Friends and Wayfarers of this Internet Superhighway!

We have had a strangely inordinate amount of time off on this current East Coast tour for The Brothers Comatose, and so I have been able (miracle of miracles!) to get a second part of our story finished and posted within a week!


I’ll be hard at work on part 3 in the meantime.

Enjoy our latest installment, and we’ll see you soon!


An Epic Adventure
An Epic Adventure

Well, it’s the first Tuesday of the month, and we have a new podcast for you! It’s a swarthy tale of adventure featuring The Magic Knights – the alter egos of Stella and Gio. Enjoy, and subscribe to the podcast if you like! We’ll post on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays.

The Three Little Pigs
The Three Little Pigs

A new story has been told! … or, rather, an old story has been told again. In a rather more silly way. Please enjoy!

We’ll try and post a podcast / story / song here on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month.


Papa on Tour… just for the weekend
Papa on Tour… just for the weekend

Leaving the family is always rough on everyone, and – 4 years later – we are still working on finding ways to make it better.
We try and get some FaceTime in, and there’s always a good old fashioned phone call, but it helps to have some extra snazzy things for the kids to look forward to, and for me to have a way to keep some of my Papa-at-home traditions intact while I’m away.

A few years ago I started making little stories and drawings while I was gone. It’s not so easy to find the time to get it all to happen, but it is worth it for the kids to have a little Papa-style bedtime story at the end of the day, to be able to tell some stories from the road, and to remind them (Jenny included) that I’m thinking about them.

This past weekend was a quick 2-day fly out, fly back tour to Kentucky. The travel was brutal and the sleep was in short supply. The plus side was that there were plenty of hours on airplanes or backstage before set time to hammer out a few stories.

I’ve shared the stories here for your enjoyment! There’s a longer tour in July, so expect to see some more posts then.

Remember all ye Copperfield’s goers – there will be no Benedettiville this July due to the band tour schedule! We’re back in August!