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Papa on Tour… just for the weekend
Papa on Tour… just for the weekend

Leaving the family is always rough on everyone, and – 4 years later – we are still working on finding ways to make it better.
We try and get some FaceTime in, and there’s always a good old fashioned phone call, but it helps to have some extra snazzy things for the kids to look forward to, and for me to have a way to keep some of my Papa-at-home traditions intact while I’m away.

A few years ago I started making little stories and drawings while I was gone. It’s not so easy to find the time to get it all to happen, but it is worth it for the kids to have a little Papa-style bedtime story at the end of the day, to be able to tell some stories from the road, and to remind them (Jenny included) that I’m thinking about them.

This past weekend was a quick 2-day fly out, fly back tour to Kentucky. The travel was brutal and the sleep was in short supply. The plus side was that there were plenty of hours on airplanes or backstage before set time to hammer out a few stories.

I’ve shared the stories here for your enjoyment! There’s a longer tour in July, so expect to see some more posts then.

Remember all ye Copperfield’s goers – there will be no Benedettiville this July due to the band tour schedule! We’re back in August!