Summer Art Camps with Benedettiville!

Hail Folks!

This summer (well, actually starting this very May 12…) we here at Benedettiville will be leading some Imagination and Creativity Fueling Art Camps at the Petaluma Arts Center!

The full schedule of classes – and the place to pay and sign up – is on their website. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT.

On May 12th we’ll be taking 12 1st-3rd graders through the process of writing and producing an original Radio Play.   It will be a great time, and we’ll air the story on our weekly radio show and podcast.

Sign up at the link above, and check out the other classes we’re offering this summer:

Story Planting (how to take small ideas and grow great stories)

Make Your Own Radio Show (how to put together a magazine-style radio show)

Zine Making (making old-school, black and white, print-em-ourselves zines!)

All the details are on the Arts Center website.

Check ’em out, and see you soon.